Archive: January, 2014 | writers in residence - Part 2

Sava vs Gahkagaejsie

If you put your feet in the river of Sava while sitting at a boathouse that move smooth by the water then it’s like standing at the mountain Gahkagaejsies peak. It runs a kind of clarity through the body that makes you continue striving.    

A sami in Belgrade

Hello, my name is Annica Wennström and I have got the great opportunity to work and live in Belgrade for a month. I come from Sweden but also from a country without borders, Sápmi, the place where the indigenous people of the North lives. I have already found the light of creativity here (= hard work) but as the nomad I am, you will find me walking around and let life happen. Warm greetings Annica    

Volim te, Niš !

Obviously, there is a Wall of Love in Niš !  

two big krokodiles (at least) on stage

  Antique performances of Aristophane’s Birds or Eschyle’s Persians must have been something looking like this, mustn’t they? Okay, in Athens they probably used to start earlier in the evening, there was probably no artificial light, probably no microphones, and obviously no crocodiles on stage. But so many people gathering to listen to litterature every evening: Krokodil festival was just amazing. Beautiful moment to hear the bosnian writer Adullah Sidran reading his poems. Sometimes you don’t even need to understand the words: you just listen to the voice of the old guy; ...


“We Serbians can’t help being epic!”. I was having a coffee with Vladimir Arsenijevic and Ana Pejovic, my wonderful hosts in this Krokodil adventure, and Vladimir had that very funny (and probably quite true) statement – maybe not exactly these words but that was the idea. “In architecture, in litterature, in whatever we do, even in coffee or pasta, we Serbians always become epic!” He was making fun of this trend of course, and opposed it to the Czech way of thinking, for instance, completely different according to him: the like for small things, small stories, loosers humour, loosers...

il padrino in belgrade

  Sometimes you’re just walking here and there, and at once a miracle happens. Not a big miracle. But a tiny one, you would like to happen again and again. I met this guy on Despota Stefana boulevard. No: first i heard him. I heard his trumpet playing amzingly the Godfather’s theme. So smoothly. With so much emotion in it. I didn’t manage to record him. It was already over, and maybe it’s better like this. Record a miracle? Come on. I just managed to catch a bit of his music a few seconds later. He was already playing someting else. And his Godfather theme will forever...

the two georges

I both met them just walking around, not far from the Palilula area where the residence’s flat is located. The first Georges was lying on a sign in a quite remote and industrial street near the Danube bank. I was having an expresso on a terrace when i tried to read the name of the street. And i suddenly realized that it was a very french name: Oulitsa Georges Clémenceau! "> A few hours later, the same thing happen. I wanted to know the name of the Boulevard I was strolling on. And I realized it was named after an other Georges, also famous (and obviously more famous than the french...

street showers

Try them on Despota Stefana Boulevard. In the wintertime they might be a little cold, but now they’re just hmmm.