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It is a well-known fact that almost all European capitals have at least one and often several residential programs for writers. They are immensely popular due to the fact that they allow continuous cultural exchange as well as creation of multiple cultural contacts and ties beneficial to all sides included in the process. But – strangely enough, although quite true – the city of Belgrade until recently did not have such residential program for writers. Until recently, we repeat, because only a few days ago the Association KROKODIL has opened up a call for proposals and invited all regional writers to apply for the monthly residential stay in the Serbian capital. If you still did not have the opportunity to hear about KROKODIL (Literary Regional Gathering Which Alleviates Boredom and Lethargy), it is a hyper-dynamic regional literary festival that for the past four years worked very hard at reuniting regional literary scenes separated by wars and disintegration of the former country (Yugoslavia), and at presenting some of the most interesting contemporary authors from the region with several foreign guests included. So far we performed in Belgrade, but also in other cities in the vicinity, in Serbia as well as in other regional countries, such as Inđija, Pula, Zagreb or Ljubljana. This unique festival, ever since its’ inception in 2009, made sure that Belgrade is once again seen as one of the cultural capitals that recognize and value representative cultural events that enrich cultural offer of the city, the country and the region. It is therefore logical that the first residential program for writers in Belgrade is established by this very organization.

What, then, is the Krokodil’s residential program for writers in Belgrade?

The main intention of this program is to provide writers from the region of the Western Balkans as well as from the European countries with the possibility to spend a month in Belgrade working on their manuscripts and to also get acquainted with social and literary circumstances in Serbia. In the same time, literature of the visiting author is promoted in Serbian public via open discussions, literary evenings and media, printed and electronic, as the integral parts of the lively program that each visiting writer has during his or her stay in Belgrade.

Despite the fact that the visiting authors enjoy conditions necessary for their literary production, these constant visits to Belgrade of either fully established or promising young authors also help create the image of the culturally open city and country thus directly improving the (not altogether great) cultural image of Belgrade and Serbia in Europe.

Krokodil’s residential program for writers consists of: a monthly stay of the author in a fully equipped accommodation in the center of the city, covered travel expenses and a monthly grant of 800 Euro net.

It is worth mentioning that the Association KROKODIL manages this program in cooperation with the TRADUKI foundation – the European network for literature that boosts literary communication between the Balkan region and the German speaking countries. Association KROKODIL also regularly cooperates with Erste bank, the Secretariat for culture of the city of Belgrade, the Heritage House from Belgrade and Belgrade’s municipality of Savski Venac and.

September 2012.

Krokodil’s writers in residence program 2014

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