About us



KROKODIL festival (abbreviation in Serbian for: Literary Regional Gathering Which Alleviates Boredom and Lethargy) is a literary festival that presents contemporary literature of the region of the Western Balkans in a unique and original way as well as in its’ full scope – without rigidities, whether generational, poetical, political, sexual or any others. With its’ modern and dynamic approach to the craft of literary presentations – readings by authors supported by video and audio media, musical and stage performances and the wide specter of different literary forms including poetry, fiction, essays and plays, KROKODIL festival, ever since its’ inception in 2009, grew to become one of the most popular and well visited literary events in the region of former Yugoslavia.

Association KROKODIL is comprised of the small team of people gathered around the idea that the literature and the culture of reading can be presented in a refreshed, novel and different way. Our primary mission is to bring books closer to public in a fun and pop manner but with a serious underlying message, to create a dialogue and showcase a contemporary and even avant-garde
approach to the stale and long outdated forms of literary presentation.