other fans (stamping ones)

Pity that i have no sound recorder here. I would have post a sample of the huge noise i can hear from my window, three hundred meters away from the gymnasium. Basket-ball fans singing all with one voice, stamping on the tiers all together in rythm, first slowly, then accelerating, accelerating again and again.

Among several remarkable places around the residence’s flat, the closest is probably the Pionir Sport Complex. A massive gymnasium which i now know can be crowded on big events such as tonight, with the Partizan basket-ball team playing against the Red Star.

This is the third game of the play-offs, maybe the last one since Partizan already won the two first ones. I went to the previous one, on friday. Not inside the gymnasium, but under it – which means also under the feet of the guys stamping and stamping again on the tiers. There’s a bar there, with nice wooden tables and tasty coffees from all around the world. When i arrived they were already playing the fourth quarter so i took a seat and decided to wait, drinking a café frappé and listening to the trampling over my head. We were maybe five of us in the coffee, four girls (whose boys were probably usptairs, singing themselves) and I. While listening to the noise, i tried to learn a little about cases in my serbian language book, without great success. Then the fans started to break out from upstairs, by hunreds and hundreds. First those who had lost, of course angry, their face disappointed, not talking that much, most of them watching the screen of their mobile phone. Then a few minutes later those who had won, singing loudly and waving hands and giving each other five – most of them also watching the screen of their mobile phone.



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