Nine days in Bellograde

Yes, 9 days. And after passing these nine days in Belgrade, I would like to make an open letter to this Bello-city, cause after all, it is just the first thing you can notice coming here. This city is Bello, white and dizzy, tricky. Astonishing.

Bello bre, you have to really take care of your drivers. For nine days, there were more than 10 attempts of cars hitting me. An old disturbing woman after all was yelling and drying her throat by offending and passing on the worst part of Serbian language.

Bello, I do believe that you can reach and overdo 35 degrees. It was just today, I am not feeling very well. I had to skip Katarina, Lukas and Vesna just because of you. Be nice, Bello, you can try giving me fresh nights cause I am about to bring someone in this apartment. Bello, I am not cheating at you my lover, but cuddling in that frequency will not just be romantic. To you or to the other.

Bello, you are romantic. Pass on to Skadarlija, or to Magic Garden. The second one has a different understanding of romantic any though.


Bello, I am living into you now, in this so called “Bedroom” of yours. Should you find me appropriate, but I love this neighborhood where children don’t play so much, no workers making noise in the morning, no cats trying to suffocate each other, and no couples complaining and shouting at 23h.

Bello, the first thing I read when coming here was Mario Vargas Llosa`s – “In praise of a Stepmother”.

Bello, friendly speaking, you have the craziest and sexiest football fans I`ve ever seen. It doesn’t matter if Partizan fans are divided, both of them have been so good into shouting, stealing Bulgaria`s fans flag, getting naked and forming this wonderful symphony of triumph.

Bello, I am about to just leave you sail me in the best possible way you can. Bello, I can give you more than this.

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  1. ”Bello”—a word that represents tenderness (in Italian) and war (in Latin). Love and destruction, life and death. Belgrad–there is tenderness and destruction behind the white limestone walls of Kalemegdan. Lovegrad, Wargrad, Lifegrad, Hopegrad … you are a riddle to me.

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