The magic streets of Belgrade

Belgrade’s streets are magical. Of course, because of the people that move in them, the buildings and the atmosphere but also because of a reason more difficult to explain.
The streets are moving. They are rarely where they were last, and yet in some strange way, they still take you where you were going.
Like for an example when I walked with Vladimir Arsenijevic  and Ursula Burger and a friend who was visiting and lived next door to Hotel Moscow. We were going headed to Savamala. As the wandering nomad I am, I always looking for guidance in the surrounding area to find a way back. We walked one block, I pointed to a path that strove up and asked where I got if I chosed it.
The Hotel Moscow was the answer.
I asked again a few blocks later.
To Hotel Moscow.
The third time I did not bother to ask. I pointed and said:
Let me guess, this road goes to  Hotel Moscow?
They nodded.
So now I have learned. All roads lead to The hotel Moscow, or what goal you happens to have. In Belgrade you will always reach your goals.

The picture down below is Vladimir and my friend walking the roads of Ada Ciganlija that by the way lays still.

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