Understanding Serbia is like reading a mystery novel

I had some fantastic conversation yesterday, discussing Serbia, Belgrade, food, traditions, politics, culture, street smartness. I also learnt to find my directions in the city. How to follow Bulevar despota Stefana between my apartment and the city center, and about other important streets like Takovska that becomes Kneza Miloža when it crosses Bulevar kralja Aleksandra. How to recognise landmarks like the TV house, the National Assembly or the National Theatre. I saw thousands of Serbians go around their business in streets that were bristling with activity late in the evening.

And during the process, I associated one fact with another and added a fresh observation, continously increasing my understanding of a complexity that I have not really understood.  It’s like weaving a web of clues when you read a mystery novel.

And still, I have not yet been here 24 hours. Belgrade, what do you have to offer today?

Friendly blue skys over Belgrade.
Friendly blue skies over Belgrade.

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