il padrino in belgrade


Sometimes you’re just walking here and there, and at once a miracle happens. Not a big miracle. But a tiny one, you would like to happen again and again.

I met this guy on Despota Stefana boulevard. No: first i heard him. I heard his trumpet playing amzingly the Godfather’s theme. So smoothly. With so much emotion in it.

I didn’t manage to record him. It was already over, and maybe it’s better like this. Record a miracle? Come on. I just managed to catch a bit of his music a few seconds later. He was already playing someting else. And his Godfather theme will forever remain untouched, impossible to replay.





2 thoughts on “il padrino in belgrade”

  1. Dear Sylvain, I like your blog entries very much. What is also interesting to notice on the photo oz the trumpet playes is the street art stencil of “Superoperater” who is a funny character from the movie “Kako je propao rokenrol” and was played by Serbian conceptual artist Kosta Bunusevac. I think it was done by TKV who is the best Serbian street artist ever. You should check her work both online and on the streets and walls of Belgrade 🙂

    1. Great to read you and to learn more about that strange stencil face on the wall. I had noticed it but I didn’t know at all what it could be. Thanks to you, I’m now going to look for other TKV works on the walls!

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