“We Serbians can’t help being epic!”. I was having a coffee with Vladimir Arsenijevic and Ana Pejovic, my wonderful hosts in this Krokodil adventure, and Vladimir had that very funny (and probably quite true) statement – maybe not exactly these words but that was the idea. “In architecture, in litterature, in whatever we do, even in coffee or pasta, we Serbians always become epic!” He was making fun of this trend of course, and opposed it to the Czech way of thinking, for instance, completely different according to him: the like for small things, small stories, loosers humour, loosers stories, every kind of litterature showing the world through a miniaturized universe. All this sounded very interesting to me, i could very well see what he was meaning by this epic trend, and by the opposite. And it made me realize that in french litterature we sometimes face the opposed problem: We would love to be  epic (I want to, I would love to) but very often we don’t know how to. Vladimir, help me!

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