A black guitar to keep me company

A flat without a guitar is an empty flat. I am also used to bring along my guitar to parties, dinners and events. Sometimes I unpack it, sometimes I don’t – it depends on the circumstances. But I am always a little sad if there is a splendid opportunity for some improvised music performance, but no instrument is at hand.

Therefore I made a long walk on Thursday night from Bulevar despota Stefana looking for either of two music stores. Music Center on 27. marta 39 I just couldn’t find (I found out later that it was hidden in a yard among the tall Tito era houses). Hence, I went looking for Mitros Music on   Admirala Geprata 10. After crossing Pionirski park, I thought I was close but then a couple gave me the wrong directions and I made a long detour to Hotel Moscow.

So when I finally found the shop and rushed it, was five minutes to closing time. I stepped up to the man who seemed to be in charge and just said ”I have a budget of 15 000 dinars. Do you have a decent western guitar for this price?”. He asked me to follow and pointed at a black Fender. ”This is the one you should buy”, he said and after trying it I felt it was perfectly ok.

I paid in a rush, grabbed the guitar by the neck and started walking home. In the corner of  Kralja Milana and Kneza Miloša, I sat down in a empty shop window to tune it. He was right, the music store manager. I couldn’t imagine anything better for that price.

I went home to my flat, and it was not so empty anymore. Who needs a pet when you have a black western guitar?

(Written from notes and published 2014-04-16)


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  1. This has really been a great guitar – actually it’s the one I usually pick up when I just want to relax with some guitar playing. And Air Serbia let me bring it home last year without any fuzz!

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