The soundtrack of Belgrade?

Each new novel requires a soundtrack. Music that underscores a theme, reinforces the right feeling and provides an opportunity to give vent to the frustration that always comes with writing.
Sometimes I do not even like the music I choose when I work with a novel, just as long it gives the right energy.
A recurring song for treating hard jerk frustration is Foo Fighters Monkey wrench (and it must be played loud).
My recently published novel Svark kvark summed up for me in the line “Im just a teenage dirtbag, baby.” A hit by Wheatus that can seem shallow when you know the historical aspects of the story. Nevertheless, It was perfect.
I have just submitted a manuscript to my publisher and Green Day’s “Boulevard of Broking Dreams” have been played frequently . A song that you might not associate with a reincarnated Samigod  and the magic landscape of Gaskelante. But they turned out to be good for each other.
During my walkabouts in Belgrade I have tryed to find out the soundtrack of the city. Any suggestions?

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