Lena Olmark

October/November 2013


Lena Olmark was born in 1968 in Sweden, and grew up on a farm near Stockholm. She started out her career as an editor in the comic business. Among other things I was the editor of Bane Kerac’s (the brilliant artist from Novi Sad) Cat Claw in Sweden (Bane actually turned me into a character in an episode J – something I love to brag about). Since 1995 she has worked as a freelance writer, script writer and journalist – and she loves her work. For all her life she has loved to tell stories – and for some reason she has always had a special interest in horror and ghost stories. It’s not that she actually believes in ghosts myself – she detests the tv-shows with people who claim to be mediums, cleansing old haunted houses from so called spirits and God knows what. Kids are actually much better than grown ups when it comes to tell the difference between facts and fiction in Sweden these days. They like ghost stories – they don’t have to claim that they are true.

As a journalist she writes – among other things – about psychology (she produces a lot of material for the Swedish psychologists union), plastic surgery and travel. When it comes to books she has written both serious and funny titles. Besides the ghost stories her biggest pride is a humorous fact book about depressions and treatments.