Things that hide in snow

None of the construction workers wanted to admit it. But the scene behind the brick wall made them all very uncomfortable. It was creepy. The wall had been torn down to make place for a new craftsroom in the basement of the old school building. No one had expected to find anything behind it. But there it was – a small concealed room. Only a few meters wide, with no doors and no windows. In neat rows stood six old pulpits from the beginning of the last century. On one of the walls hung a blackboard – and on another a crucifix. Everything in the tiny room was covered in a deep layer of fine dust. It started to whirl up as soon as the first bricks came down. It was obviously a small classroom. A couple of old books lay open on the pulpits. It looked like the pupils just had stood up and left the room – right in the middle of a class. Then someone had built the wall to cover it up without even touching anything in the room. What had happened here? No one knew. And no one asked any questions. The construction workers where on a tight time schedule. In silence they carried out the old wooden furniture and got rid of everything that they found dust covered in the room. They never mentioned to anyone about what they had seen – not even to each other.

This is the beginning of the book (at least I think so) that I plan to work on while I’m here in Belgrade (thanks to Krokodil – hurray!). It’s a ghost story about a small school on the Swedish country side – with an evil and forgotten past. That’s where I grew up 😉 My only problem right now is to actually get any work done – since Belgrade is such an interesting place. There are so many things to see and do – so many great things to eat and drink – and so many charming and interesting people to hang out with. Fingers crossed – please wish me luck and that something wicked this way comes.

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