Inspiring Belgrade


This city is very hard to resist. It really gets to you. And at times it is a bit of a challenge to switch from Belgrade street life to working mood, writing stories that take place in the Swedish country side. People ask me if I find Belgrade inspiring. I go through my notes on my ongoing projects that I always carry with me since I quite often work out in cafés, bars and restaurants – and I can’t help smiling. Belgrade is everywhere – without me being really aware of it. To be honest, this place sneaks in into everything I do right now. I realize that this far I have made a piece of art, an important clue in a story – after watching the really talented grafitti artist TKV create a beautiful wall painting. One of my characters is now very supersticious since I learned that in Serbia it brings bad luck to put your bag on the floor – and that if you sweep your broom over a child while cleaning, it will not grow up (I really want to learn more about Serbian superstition!). In a cemetery in Zemun my friend Ana showed me a stone that explained that the woman that was buried in the grave was murdered – and it also cursed the murderer. That gave me the idea to write a ghost story about a murder victim getting back on her killer. I’m also sketching a short story about a complete stranger helping someone find their way – and giving you the wrong directions, for a special reason. But I think my favorite input is that I have changed the name of a character. Now she is named Lily, after a lovely salad that they served at the restaurant Alo Alo. It comes with cellery and walnuts. I have already developed a craving for it.

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